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World Listening Day – Sound Waves composition

Happy World Listening Day!

We’re proud to present here our celebration of the 2015 theme of water, with our recomposed piece ‘Sound Waves’.

Listen to Sound Waves now:

As part of our overall Sound Waves project, 38 sound artists from around the world have submitted a field recording and reimagining of water somewhere in the world: ocean, river, lake, stream, swimming pool, boiling kettle, splash of a puddle – anything in which water is the defining sound.

These reimagined sounds have been recomposed and re-edited by Cities and Memory into this 30-minute mixed sound piece incorporating many of the sounds in a new context.

This final piece presents a collective curated reimagining of the sounds of water from artists around the world in one piece, a shared reflection on water and the role it has in our lives. By capturing the sounds of water and recontextualising them, we can examine our own relationship with water as it surrounds us every day.

World Listening Day 2015
Sound Waves for World Listening Day 2015

The piece flows in five sections – the locations of each original recording and the artist who created the reimagined sound you can hear in each case are listed below.

– Regina, Canada (Eric Powell)
– Auckland, New Zealand (Diana Pena)
– Poldhu Cove, UK (Ian Haygreen)
– Vancouver, Canada (Corey Kereliuk)
– Frome, UK (Nick St. George)
– Kolding, Denmark (Robert Cole Rizzi)
– Nuria Valley, Spain (Alex Hehir)
– New York City, USA (Jeff Dungfelder)

– Providence, USA (Erik Gould)
– Unije, Croatia (Cities and Memory)
– Long Pond, Massachusetts, USA (Nick Campbell)
– Lincoln, UK (Simon Le Boggit)

– Berkeley, USA (Katie McMurran)
– Bristol, UK (Ellen Southern)
– Madora Lake Trail, California, USA (Eric Mooney)
– Mala Panew, Poland (Deprivation and The Transient Source)

– Birmingham, UK (Mark Taylor)
– Taquile, Peru (Gustavo Valdivia)
– Sheringham, UK (Richard Fair)
– Philadelphia, USA (Michael McDermott)
– Lake Michigan, USA (Eric Leonardson)
– Berlin, Germany (Eden Grey)

– Frome, UK (Nick St. George)
– Boscastle, UK (Ian Haygreen)
– Poole, UK (Lee Clift)
– Isle of Skye, Scotland (Graeme Gill)
– Auckland, New Zealand (Diana Pena)
– Margate, UK (Andy Lyon & Kim Rueger)
– Ely, UK (Sam Yaxley)
– Brighton, UK (Joseph Young)