Oxford Sounds installation at the Ashmolean Museum

On Friday night, we presented a bespoke immersive sound installation at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, which highlighted the real and reimagined sounds of the city of Oxford.

One side of the installation was used to broadcast ‘real’ field recordings from the city, while the other played recomposed, reimagined sounds made from those recordings.

Visitors could create their own sonic experience by physically moving around within the exhibition space between the ‘city’ and the ‘memory’ sounds.

Here’s a video clip (play with sound on!) and some photos from the event, which was curated by Oxford Contemporary Music.

About Cities and Memory

Stuart Fowkes is the creator and curator of Cities and Memory, producing a large number of the source field recordings and reimagined 'memory' versions himself, as well as curating the project as a whole.

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