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Below is a directory of everyone who’s contributing recordings and/or reimagined sounds to Cities and Memory – a big THANK YOU to all of the contributors below.

‘City’ indicates they’ve contributed field recordings, ‘memory’ indicates that they’ve reimagined sounds, and ‘city and memory’ indicates they’ve submitted both field recordings and reimagined sounds.

‘Five star’ indicates the artist has contributed five or more sounds to the project – this is an extra little recognition of how much we appreciate their continued creativity and involvement!

On the map above, YELLOW indicates providing field recordings to Cities and Memory; BLUE indicates reimagining sounds for Cities and Memory; RED indicates both providing field recordings and their reimagined counterparts; ORANGE shows ‘five star’ contributors.

Please follow the links and check out their other music, recordings, art and writings:

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– Eduardo Abrantes, Copenhagen, Denmark (memory))

– Akoo-o collective (Nikos Bubaris, Sofia Grigoriadou, Dana Papachristou, Giorgos Samantas, Geert Vermeire), Athens, Greece (memory)

– Mitch Allen, Bali, Indonesia (city & memory)

{AN} EeL, Toronto, Canada (memory)

– Peter Annear, Wedmore, UK (city & memory)

– Luis Antero, Serra da Estrela, Portugal (memory)

– Vera Armeni (AKA die bie), Berlin, Germany (city & memory)

– Hitoshi Asaumi, Toon, Japan (memory)

– Astoria Sound, San Diego, USA (memory)

Malcolm Atkins, Oxford, UK (city & memory)


– Alexander Baker, Somerset, UK (memory)

– Mark Baker, Swansea, Wales (city)

– Antriksh Bali, Delhi, India (memory)

– Israel Banuelos, Guadalajara, Mexico (memory)

– Balint Barath, Budapest, Hungary (memory)

– Pietro Bardini, Reggio Emilia, Italy (memory)

– Peter Barnard, Buckingham, UK (memory)

– Terry Barnes, Huddersfield, UK (city & memory)

– Joe Barone, Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA (city & memory)

– Sewon Chung Barrera, Oakland, USA (memory)

– Lee Barry, Chicago, USA (city & memory)

– Lisa Bartolomei, Melbourne, Australia (memory)

– Jess Beechey, London, UK (memory)

Michael Begg, East Lothian, Scotland (city & memory)

– Si Begg, London, UK (city)

– Richard Bentley, Oxfordshire, UK (memory)

– Rob Bertola, Toronto, Canada (city)

– Giulia Biasibetti, Oxford, UK (city)

– Andy Billington, Loughborough, UK (memory)

– Mike Bingham, Bristol, UK (memory)

Philippe Blache, Paris, France (memory)

– Colin Black, London, UK (memory)

_blank, Barcelona, Spain (memory)

Alan Bleay, London, UK (city & memory)

– Lyndon Blue, Perth, Australia (city & memory)

– Drew Bluetree, Berlin, Germany (memory)

– Eric Boivin, Montreal, Canada (memory)

– AJ Born, Lubeck, Germany (city & memory)

– Sofia Botero, Bogota, Colombia (memory)

– Stuart Bowditch, Bulmer Tye, UK (memory)

– Sue Bowerman, London, UK (memory)

– Alex Braidwood, Des Moines, Iowa, USA (city & memory)

– Emil Brahe, Aarhus, Denmark (memory)

– Danny Bright, Brighton, UK (memory)

– Nigel Bryant, London, UK (memory)

– Steve Burnett, Raleigh, USA (memory)

– Antonia Bustamente, Buenos Aires, Argentina (city & memory)


– Mehtap Caglar, Ankara, Turkey (memory)

Nick Campbell, Los Angeles, USA (city & memory)

– Melike Ceylan, Istanbul, Turkey (memory)

– Andrea Chang, Bellevue, Washington, USA (memory)

– Aimee Chapman, Melbourne, Australia (memory)

– Matt Chapman-Jones, Oxford, UK (memory)

– Amber-Zoe Cheesman, Falmouth, UK (memory)

– Lee Christian, Bath, UK (memory)

– Anastasia Chrysanthakopoulou (AKA natrYX), Athens, Greece (city & memory)

– Lee Clift, Basingstoke, UK (city & memory)

– City, Vancouver, Canada (memory)

– Laurence Colbert, Oxford, UK (five star contributor)

– Paul Collins, Paris, France (city & memory)

– Doug Connell, Rockford, USA (memory)

– Joseph Connolly, Philadelphia, USA (memory)

– Stace Constantinou, London, UK (memory)

– Charlie Cooper, Lansing, USA (memory)

– Rene Coronado, Dallas, USA (city & memory)

– William Costa (AKA Bilwa), nomadic (mostly EU) (city & memory)

– David Cowlard, Auckland, New Zealand (memory)

– Ryan Cross, Pereira, Colombia (city & memory)

– Larry Crywater, Nottingham, UK (city & memory)

– Leanne Cunningham, London, UK (memory)


– Rima Dadenji, Granada, Spain (city)

– Warren Daly, Phnom Penh, Cambodia (city & memory)

– Morgan Davies, London, UK (memory)

– Bethan Davis, Birmingham, UK (memory)

– DBPIT & XxeNa, Rome, Italy (city & memory)

– Ian Dean, London, UK (memory)

– Ljuba de Angelis, Paris, France (memory)

– Aidan Deery, Belfast, UK (city)

– Kees de Groot (AKA Roofhare), Rhode Island, USA (memory)

– Trixie Delight, Woking, UK (memory)

– Luca Dellatorre, London, UK (city & memory)

– Christina Dennaoui, Chicago, USA (city & memory)

– Deprivation, Szczecin, Poland (city & memory)

– Ian De Quadros, Oxford, UK (memory)

– Rachel Devorah, Paris, France (memory)

– Martin Dixon, London, UK (memory)

– The Doll, Auckland, New Zealand (city & memory)

– Patricia Domingues, Brussels, Belgium (memory)

– Atilio Doreste, Canary Islands, Spain (city & memory)

– Dave Dorgan, Orlando, USA (memory)

– Wolfgang Dorninger, Linz, Austria (memory)

– Ken W. Downey, Ohio, USA (city)

– J.P. Drecourt, Lisbon, Portugal (memory)

– Drombeg, County Kerry, Ireland (memory)

– Thorsten Drücker, Kassel, Germany (city & memory)

– Jeff Dungfelder, New York City, USA (five star contributor)

– Alan Dunn & Jeff Young, Liverpool, UK (memory)

– Chris Dunn, Melbourne, Australia (memory)


– Geoff Edwards, Chilliwack, Canada (city)

– Fabian Avila Elizalde, Mexico City, Mexico (city)

– Jonah Elrod, Plover, USA (memory)

– Ashley Elsdon, London, UK (memory)

– Tariq Emam, Manchester, UK (city & memory)

– Tod Emel, Saskatoon, Canada (city & memory)


– Richard Fair, Norwich, UK (five star contributor)

– Camilla Fanning, Dublin, Ireland (memory)

– Fabrizio Festa, Matera, Italy (memory)

– Benjamin Finger, Oslo, Norway (memory)

– Stuart Fowkes (Cities and Memory), Oxford, UK (city & memory)

David K. Frampton, Brighton, UK (memory)

– Stefana Fratila, Toronto, Canada (memory)

– Paul Freeman, London, UK (memory)

– Terry French, Columbus, Ohio, USA (memory)

– Ron Freyenschlag, Trossingen, Germany (memory)

– Aengus Friel, Inishowen, Ireland (memory)


– Gad Whip, Lincolnshire, UK (memory)

– Hearn Gadbois, Prague, Czech Republic (memory)

– Ben Gale, Toulouse, France (city)

– Axel Ganz, Dusseldorf, Germany (city)

Emmanuel Galvan, Guadalajara, Mexico (city & memory)

– Chinowski Garachana, Malaga, Spain (city)

– Michael Gatonska, Krakow, Poland (city)

– Stu Geelon, Dublin, Ireland (city & memory)

– Gidouille, Manchester, UK (city & memory)

– Jan Gilhooley, Sheffield, UK (city & memory)

– Graeme Gill, Ashdown Forest, UK (city & memory)

Robert Gillespie, Londonderry, UK (memory)

Flavien Gillie, Brussels, Belgium (city & memory)

– Alan Gleeson, Seville, Spain (memory)

– Ronan Glish, Manchester, UK (memory)

– Marcel Gnauk, Vietnam (city)

– Sara Gold, Vancouver, Canada (memory)

– Erik Gould, Pawtucket, USA (city & memory)

– Paweł Goździewicz (Canis Arboris), Gdynia, Poland (memory)

Becky Grajeda, Chicago, USA (city & memory)

– Roger Gregg, Dublin, Ireland (city & memory)

– Eden Grey, London, UK (city & memory)

– Johannes Gruber, Vienna, Austria (memory)

– Suzanne Grunewald, Leicester, UK (memory)

– Roberto Carlos Perez Guerrera, Cartagena, Colombia (city & memory)

– Manuel Guerrero, Mexico City, Mexico (memory)

– Dan Gusset, Bristol, UK (memory)

– Seth Guy, London, UK (memory)

– Marinna Guzy, Corvallis (OR), USA (memory)


Christian Hagelskjaer From, Denmark (memory)

– Thomas Haighton, The Hague, The Netherlands (memory)

– Fiona Haines, Bath, UK (city & memory)

– Oliver Hall, Bristol, UK (city)

– Matt Harding, London, UK (memory)

– Ian Haygreen, Ridgwell, UK (five star contributor)

– Hubert Heathertoes, London, Uk (memory)

– Alex Hegyesi, Timisoara, Romania (memory)

– Alex Hehir, Oxford, UK (memory)

– David Henckel, London, UK (memory)

– Flora Henderson, Bishop’s Stortford, UK (memory)

– Luke Henrion, Oxford, UK (city)

Jonathan Higgins, London, UK (memory)

– Jeff Hinton, New York, USA (memory)

– Clara Hollomey, Glasgow, UK (memory)

– Julian Holloway, Manchester, UK (memory)

– Howlround, London, UK (memory)

– Liz Huff, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (city & memory)

– Adam Hulbert, Sydney, Australia (memory)

– Jack Hyde, London, UK (city)


– Zoe Irvine, Edingburgh, UK (memory)

– Jan Morten Iversen, Hafrsfjord, Norway (city & memory)


– Daniel Jacobson, Dublin, Ireland (memory)

– Piotr Jaroszynski, Wroclaw, Poland (memory)

– Heiko Jay, Zittau, Germany (city & memory)

– David Jazay, Berlin, Germany (memory)

– Gary JC, Oxford, UK (city & memory)

– Janae Jean, Chicago, USA (memory)

Kevin Jenkins, Oxfordshire, UK (city & memory)

– Shawn Jimmerson, Los Angeles, USA (city & memory)

– Odette Johnson, north-east England, UK (memory)

– Sirpa Jokinen, Helsinki, Finland (city & memory)

– Ethan Jones, St. Joseph, Michigan, USA (city & memory)

– Neil Jones, Alvin, Texas, USA (city)

– Martin Juenke, Berlin, Germany (memory)

GX Jupitter-Larsen, Denver, USA (memory)


– Samuel Kahler, New York, USA (city)

– Constantine Katsiris, Vancouver, Canada (city)

– Fergus Kelly, Dublin, Ireland (memory)

Kek-W, Yeovil, UK (memory)

– James Kent, West Kirby, UK (city & memory)

Corey Kereliuk, Copenhagen, Denmark (city & memory)

– Nazar Ali Khan, London, UK (memory)

– Laura Kilty, Dublin, Ireland (memory)

– John Kim, Montreal, Canada (memory)

– Rene Kita, Turku, Finland (city & memory)

– Rob Knight, Surrey, UK (city & memory)

– David Korsten, Cologne, Germany (city)

– Adam Krasz, Budapest, Hungary (city & memory)

– Martin Kristopher, Hamburg, Germany (memory)


– L. Boy Jr., Nantes, France (memory)

La Cosa Preziosa, Dublin, Ireland (memory)

– Tim Lafontaine, Montreal, Canada (memory)

– Kate Laity, Lansing, Michigan,, USA (city)

– Matthew Lambert, London, UK (city & memory)

– Biagio Laponte, Sicily, Italy (city & memory)

Fabio Lattuca, Palermo, Italy (city)

– Fernando Laub, Buenos Aires, Argentina (memory)

– Scott Lawlor, Corinth, Texas, USA (memory)

– Jamie Lawson, Aberdeen, Scotland (memory)

– Simon Lebel, Lille, France (city & memory)

Simon Le Boggit, Lincoln, UK (city & memory)

– DJ Lemoness, San Francisco, USA (memory)

– Anne Lepere, Brussels, Belgium (memory)

– Paul Lewin, Cornwall, UK (memory)

– Jamie Lickfold, Nottingham, UK (city & memory)

– Peter Lloyd, Oxford, UK (memory)

Rand Lo, San Francisco, USA (city)

– Guillaume Loizillon, Paris, France (city & memory)

– Los Cosmos, Denver, Colorado, USA (city & memory)

– Andre Louis, London, UK (city)

– Guido Lusetti, Reggio Emilia, Italy (memory)

– Blaz Lusin, Slovenia (memory)

Andy Lyon, Lincolnshire, UK (five star contributor)

– Anthony Lyons, Melbourne, Australia (city & memory)


– Daniel Mackenzie, Brighton, UK (city & memory)

– Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (TMS), Berlin, Germany (city & memory)

– Phil Maguire, London, UK (memory)

– Fernando Malaventura, Malaga, Spain (memory)

– James Mann, San Diego, USA (memory)

– Philip Mantione, Los Angeles, USA (memory)

– Marco Maril, Vigo, Spain (memory)

– Stephane Marin (Espaces Sonores), Toulouse, France (memory)

Tilla Martin, Paris, France (memory)

– Isadora Martins, Porto Alegre, Brazil (memory)

– Andrey Markov, Moscow, Russia (memory)

– Wayne Martin, Bournemouth, UK (city & memory)

– Richard Matthews, New York, USA (city)

– Ben Mawson, London, UK (memory)

– Conor McCafferty, Belfast, UK (memory)

– Michael McDermott, Philadelphia, USA (city & memory)

– Marshall McGee, Boston, USA (memory)

– Alexander McHattie (AKA Smoo), London, UK (memory)

– Bill McKenna, Washington DC, USA (memory)

– Katie McMurran, Berkeley, USA (city & memory)

– Tate McNeil, Zhuhai, China (memory)

– Augusto Meijer, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands (memory)

– John Melillo, Tucson, USA (memory)

– Stephanie Merchak, Batroun, Lebanon (memory)

– Emmanuel Mieville, Paris, France (city)

Milena Principle (Geert Vermeire and Stefaan Van Biesen), Antwerp, Belgium (memory)

– Tom Miller, New York, USA (memory)

– Mimetik, Hamburg, Germany (memory)

– David Mixco, San Francisco, USA (memory)

 Mike Moolenbroek, Zoetermeer, Netherlands (memory)

– Pouyan Mohseninia, Helsinki, Finland (city & memory)

– Eric Mooney, Sacramento, USA (city & memory)

Antonios Moras, Larissa, Greece (memory)

– John Morin, Sausalito, USA (city & memory)

– Gavin Morrow (AKA Grey Frequency), Nottingham, UK (city & memory)

– Alyssa Moxley, Santorini, Greece (memory)

– Drew Mulholland, Glasgow, UK (city & memory)

Leon Muraglia, Oslo, Norway (city & memory)

Vladlen Mytiansky, Kiev, Ukraine (city & memory)


– Peter Nagle, London, UK (city & memory)

– Nimmi Naidoo, Oxford, UK (city & memory)

– Michael Nardone, Montreal, Canada (city)

Philippe Neau, Saint Jean Sur Erve, France (memory)

– Kamen Nedev (AKA Acoustic Mirror), Madrid, Spain (memory)

– Steffi Neuhuber, Vienna, Austria (memory)

– Jon Nicholls, Bristol, UK (memory)

– Christoph Niggemeyer, Cologne, Germany (memory)

Stanislav Nikolov, San Francisco, USA (city & memory)

Berrak Nil Boya, Istanbul, Turkey (city)

– Isabel Nogueira, Porto Alegre, Brazil (city & memory)


– Virgilio Oliveira, London, UK (memory)

– James Olsen, west coast, USA (memory)

– Ed Osborn, Providence, USA (memory)

– Conor O’Toole, Cork, Ireland (memory)

– Oliver Owen, Bristol, UK (memory)

Oxford Improvisers, Oxford, UK (memory)


James Pamphlion, Abingdon, UK (city & memory)

– Protyasha Pandey, New Delhi, India (city)

– Maria Papadomanolaki, London, UK (memory)

– Matt Parker, Birmingham, UK (city & memory)

– Robin Parmar, Limerick, Ireland (memory)

– Jessica Peace, London, UK (memory)

– Ian Pearce, Killinchy, Ireland (memory)

– Valmor Pedretti Jr., Porto Alegre, Brazil (city & memory)

– Diana Pena, Auckland, New Zealand (city & memory)

– Simon Pepper, London, UK (city & memory)

– Larva Peruzzotti, Amsterdam, Netherlands (city)

– Lianray Pienaar, Manchester, UK (memory)

– Jason Pinches, Bristol, UK (memory)

Maria Ponce, Reading, UK (city)

– Melissa Pons, Stockholm, Sweden (city)

– Benjamin Pothier, Tromso, Norway (city)

– Greg Potts, Nottingham, UK (memory)

Eric Powell, Montreal, Canada (five star contributor)

– Gavin Prior, Dublin, Ireland (city & memory)

– Dave Procter, Leeds, UK (city & memory)

– Mike Pursley, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (memory)


Melissa Qaro, Montreal, Canada (city)


Antonella Radicchi, Florence, Italy (city)

– Radio Hummingbird, Siem Reap, Cambodia (city & memory)

– Andy Rae, Brighton, UK (memory)

– Fernando Ramalho, Barreiro, Portugal (city & memory)

Lakshmi Ramgopal, Rome, Italy (city & memory)

– Rodo Ramos, Florianopolis, Brazil (memory)

– Random Order Collective, Germany, USA & UK (memory)

– Jeevan Rai, London, UK (memory)

– Daniel Raymond, London, UK (memory)

– Dominic Razlaff, Braunschweig, Germany (city & memory)

– Christine Renaudat, Cartagena, Colombia (city)

Restive, Cape Town, South Africa (city & memory)

– Michael Ridge, Norwich, UK (city & memory)

– Aaron Rieger, Albuquerque, USA (memory)

Lee Riley, Oxford, UK (five star contributor)

– Allysse Riordan, London, UK (city & memory)

– Myk Ripley, Blackpool, UK (memory)

– Manja Ristic, Belgrade, Serbia (city & memory)

– Robert Cole Rizzi, Kolding, Denmark (city & memory)

– Chris Robinson, Buxton, UK (memory)

– David Rogers, Bridport, UK (city & memory)

– Sam Rogerson, Canterbury, UK (city & memory)

– Leslie Rollins, Michigan, USA (city & memory)

– Nacho Roman, Vallidolid, Spain (memory)

– Leonardo Rosado, Gothenburg, Sweden (memory)

– Jodi Rose, Berlin, Germany (memory)

– Aaron Rosenblum, Louisville, USA (memory)

– Ely Rosenblum, Cambridge, UK (city & memory)

– Jessica Rowland, Manchester, UK (memory)

– Moumita Roy, Calcutta, India (city & memory)

Kim Rueger, Nashville, USA (city & memory)

– Patrick Ruffner, Frederick, Maryland, USA (city & memory)


– Haris Sahacic, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (city & memory)

– Veronica Salinas, San Antonio, Texas, USA (city)

– Randall Sáenz Sanabria, Cartago, Costa Rica (memory)

– Dave Santorum (ErisianLib), Luimneach, Ireland (city & memory)

– Pascal Savy, London, UK (city & memory)

– Sequencial, London, UK (memory)

– Masha Sha, Boulder, USA (city & memory)

– Lezak Shallat, Oakland, USA (city & memory)

– Fritz Schlüter, Berlin, Germany (city & memory)

Charlie Schneider, Los Angeles, USA (city & memory)

– School of Noise, London, UK (city & memory)

– Elisabetta Senesi, Florence, Italy (memory)

Simon Serc, Nova Goricka, Slovenia (city & memory)

– Efim Shapiro, Washington DC, USA (city)

– Tim Shaw, Newcastle, UK (city)

– Stephen Shiell, London, UK (memory)

– Tony Shrimplin, London, UK (memory)

– Holger Sigmund, Lake Constance, Austria (city)

– Gurdy Simm, Brighton, UK (memory)

– Noise/Clinic, West Yorkshire, UK (city & memory)

– Martin Smith, London, UK (memory)

– Oliver Smith, Hertfordshire, UK (memory)

– Rob Smith, Ramsgate, UK (memory)

– Tom Smith, London, UK (memory)

– Softday, Limerick, Ireland (city & memory)

– Sonoteca Bahía Blanca, Bahía Blanca, Argentina (city)

Ellen Southern, Bristol, UK (city & memory)

– Adel Souto, New York, USA (city)

– Barnaby Spigel, London, UK (memory)

Nick St. George, Bath, UK (five star contributor)

– Anna Stereopoulou, Athens, Greece (memory)

– Marko Stojanovic, Belgrade, Serbia (city & memory)

– Lee Storm, New Jersey, USA (city)

– Isaac Strader, Philadelphia, USA (memory)

– Jose Stuardo, Santiago, Chile (city & memory)


– Lambros Taklis, Paris, France (memory)

– Richard Talbot, Manchester, UK (city & memory)

– Dan Tapper, London, UK (five star contributor)

Mark Taylor, Birmingham, UK(five star contributor)

– Ross Taylor, Bournemouth, UK (city & memory)

– Tomas Tello, Cessange, Luxembourg (city & memory)

– Martina Testen, Nova Gorica, Slovenia (city)

– Andrew Thompson, Oxford, UK (memory)

– Tom Thompson, Ashland, USA (memory)

– The Transient Source, Krakow, Poland (city & memory)

– Michael Trommer, Toronto, Canada (memory)

– Zane Trow, Queensland, Australia (city & memory)

– Anya Trybala, Malmo, Sweden (memory)

– Wing On Tse, Philadelphia, USA (memory)

– Le Tuan, Hanoi, Vietnam (city)

– Marie Tueje, Ghent, Belgium (memory)


– Unpaid Intern, Manchester, UK (memory)

– Andreas Usenbenz, Ulm, Germany (memory)


– Gustavo Valdivia, Peru (city & memory)

– Leon van Bokhorst, Helmond, Netherlands (memory)

– Thomas van der Eynde, Ghent, Belgium (memory)

– Dylan van der Schyff, Vancouver, Canada (city & memory)

– J. Simon van der Walt, Glasgow, UK (memory)

– Iris van Geen, Ghent, Belgium (memory)

– Robert van Riel, Haarlem, Netherlands (city & memory) (five star contributor)

– Dieter van Staey, Antwerp, Belgium (city & memory)

– Joao van Zelst, Lisbon, Portugal (city)

– Melissa Vargas, Bogota, Colombia (city & memory)

– Juan Carlos Vasquez, Helsinki, Finland (city & memory)

Colin Ventura, Southend, UK (five star contributor)

– Nicolas Vermeulin, Nantes, France (memory)

– Paul Verschooten, Eppegen, Belgium (memory)

– Karina Villasenor, Mexico City, Mexico (city & memory)

– Paul Virostek, Toronto, Canada (city)

– Valerie Vivancos, Paris, France (memory)

Roberto Vodanovic, Zadar, Croatia (city & memory)


– Russ Wainwright, Oxford, UK (city)

– Conor Walker, Austin, USA (city)

– Paul Walsh/Foldhead, Mirfield, UK (memory)

– Mat Ward, Hobart, Australia (city & memory)

Jase Warner, London, UK (five star contributor)

– Tim Waterfield, Southampton, UK (five star contributor)

– Richard Watts, Oxford, UK (memory) (five star contributor)

– David Webb, London, UK (memory)

Tony Whitehead, Devon, UK (city)

– Ross Whyte, Glasgow, UK (city & memory)

– John Wiggins, New York, USA (memory)

– Mark Wilden, London, UK (city) (five star contributor)

– Adrian Williams, London, UK (memory)

– Chris Williams, Stuttgart, Germany (memory)

– Daniel Williams, Frome, UK (city & memory)

– Matthew Williams, Mynydd Isa, UK (memory)

– Mark Williamson, Loughton, UK (memory)

– Toby Wiltshire, Leeds, UK (memory)

– Emma Winston, London, UK (memory)

– Christina Wong, Toronto, Canada (city & memory)

– Walker Wooding, Anahuac, Texas, USA (memory)

– Simon Woods, Liverpool, UK (city & memory)

Wunderkammer Trento, Trento, Italy (city & memory)

– Jim Wylde (sp3ct3rs), Greenfield Park, Canada (memory)


– Hazal Elif Yalvac, Istanbul, Turkey (memory)

– Gabriela Yanez, Quito, Ecuador (city & memory)

– Yol, Hull, UK (memory)

– Joseph Young, Brighton, UK (memory)

– Nick Yulman, New York, USA (memory)


– Paolo Zuniga, San Diego, USA (memory)

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