Highlights from our major projects, as well as annual ‘best-of’ compilations, are collected together into album releases on our Bandcamp page, which are available at a ‘pay-what-you-like’ price for you to download and enjoy.

Sacred Spaces (March 2017) 

Highlights from our project recomposing the sounds of the world’s sacred spaces.

Sounds of the Year 2016 (December 2016)

A compilation of some of the best reimagined sounds from around the world composed during 2016. 

The Next Station (September 2016)

Reimagined sounds from London’s iconic Underground public transport system.

Prison Songs (May 2016)

Highlights from our project reimagining prison work songs from the Mississippi State Penitentiary in the 1940s.

Dada Sounds (March 2016)

Highlights from our project celebrating the 100th anniversary of Dadaism.

Utopia (October 2015)

Highlights from our project to imagine the sounds of Thomas More’s iconic book Utopia.

Sound Waves (July 2015)

Highlights from our reimagined sounds of rivers, oceans, lakes and water, to celebrate the World Listening Day 2015 theme of water. 

Quiet Street (May 2015)

Highlights from our simultaneous online and real-world installation reimagining the sounds of the city of Bath, England.

Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies (April 2015)

Highlights from our Oblique Strategies project: artists using Oblique Strategy cards to create reimagined sounds from around the world.

Erinnerungen an eine Stadt (October 2014)

An album of reimagined sounds from our #Hamburgsounds project: 24 sounds representing 24 hours in the life of the city of Hamburg. Originally released on the Mobius Spin label.

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