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Sounds from Italy

Italy is a country very close to the heart of the Cities and Memory project, and we’ve spent a number of years collecting field recordings from all over the country.

This summer, we asked dozens of artists to remix and reimagine some of the stunning soundscapes of Italy: you can explore the results on the sound map:

Selected compositions

Selected Italian compositions have been highlighted as short videos in this playlist:

Sounds from Italy: the albums

Download some of the highlights from our Italian sounds collection on these two albums, both available as a pay-what-you-like compilation from Bandcamp:

Listen to our latest Italian sounds

Tune in to the latest field recordings and reimagined sounds from across Italy, and find out a little more about them:

A moment of calm in Venice

Another gorgeous field recording from Venice, Italy, as we experience through sound a moment of…

Four o’clock in a perfect world

A walkthrough across Venice’s iconic Rialto Bridge, through the market at the bottom of the…

L’immacolata – church bells in the forest

Cesuna, northern Italy: in this field recording, church bells ring in the forest just outside…

Fighting Covid on the railways of Italy

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, it continues to alter the sounds of our world,…

Sounding in the new year in Venice

A new sound for a new year, with this field recording taken in Venice on…

The sounds of calcio

Over the past few years we’ve enjoyed a few trips to football matches across Italy…