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Sounds from Italy

Italy is a country very close to the heart of the Cities and Memory project, and we’ve spent a number of years collecting field recordings from all over the country.

This summer, we asked dozens of artists to remix and reimagine some of the stunning soundscapes of Italy: you can explore the results on the sound map:

Selected compositions

Selected Italian compositions have been highlighted as short videos in this playlist:

Sounds from Italy: the albums

Download some of the highlights from our Italian sounds collection on these two albums, both available as a pay-what-you-like compilation from Bandcamp:

Listen to our latest Italian sounds

Tune in to the latest field recordings and reimagined sounds from across Italy, and find out a little more about them:

The sounds of calcio

Over the past few years we’ve enjoyed a few trips to football matches across Italy…

Two sides of life in Venice

Today’s sounds highlight two distinct sides of the sonic life of Venice – the better-known…

Buona Festa della Repubblica, Italy!

The second of June marks Festa della Repubblica in Italy, one of the national symbols…

Arquà Petrarca: the soundtrack to the summer

It’s mid-August in the incredibly beautiful town of Arquà Petrarca in northern Italy (hear more…

Monte Grappa: a signature sound of mountainside life

Today we’re exploring one of the most typical sounds of life in the Italian mountains…

Adventures in Murano, Venice

Two absolutely beautiful pieces for you today from the island of Murano in Venice (and…