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A collection of articles, news and interviews featuring Cities and Memory:

Radio interviews: 

– An Antidote to Indifference: Article on sound and memory by Cities and Memory in this Caught By The River publication.

Article in An Antidote to Indifference, October 2015.

Article in An Antidote to Indifference, October 2015.

– The Atlantic: Mapping the sounds of the London Underground 

The Atlantic: What the internet sounds like

– The Atlantic CityLab: The sounds of protest are getting louder

– Atlas Obscura: Listen to the call to prayer in countries around the world

– Atlas Obscura: Mapping the sounds of political protest around the world

– BBC Radio Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Scotland, Wales, Devon, Cambridge: Cities and Memory interview (listen above).

– BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Sacred Spaces (listen above)

BBC World Service: The sound of the London Underground

– BBC World Service: Sacred Spaces and Protest and Politics (listen above)

– Brilliant Maps: Listen to the World: Global Sound Map from Cities and Memory

– BR Klassik (German national radio): Die Stadt als Musik (‘the city as music’ – featuring Cities and Memory and our Hamburg recordings)

– Caught By The River: Oblique Strategies project

– Caught By The River: Sacred spaces

CBC (Canadian national radio): Cities and Memory interview on CBC Spark (10 minutes, streaming audio)

– Crack Magazine: How Cities and Memory built a soundboard of global unrest

– Creative Field Recording: Remixing field recordings: Interview with Cities and Memory’s Stuart Fowkes

– Creative Field Recording: Listen to a sonic portrait of Hamburg, Germany

– Designing Sound: Oblique Strategies

– Electronic Beats: This map lets you listen to sacred spaces from around the world

– Elsewhere: A Journal of Place: See/Listen: Cities and Memory

– Elsewhere: A Journal of Place: Five-page Cities and Memory feature

Elsewhere Journal

Article in Elsewhere: A Journal of Place, September 2015

– Everyday Listening: Cities and Memory

– FieldRecording.de: Sonic tourist and sound mapper ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ (interview)

– Framework Radio: Special episode about Cities and Memory

– Gizmodo: Explore the London Underground in sound

Google Maps Mania: Imagined soundscapes of parallel worlds

– Google Maps Mania: The sound of global protest

– The Guardian: Subterranean sonic blues? A journey through the first ever London Underground sound map

– Hyperallergic: Explore the world’s sounds through a map of field recordings and remixes

– Hyperallergic: A crowd-sourced map for the protests of our time

– The Island Review: Utopia of sound

– Liverpool Echo: Sounds of Albert Dock, Cavern Club and other Liverpool landmarks preserved and turned into music

– Londonist: What does your tube station sound like?

– Londonist: A map of protests across London with added sound

– London Sound Survey: Guest post from Cities & Memory

– Mashable: This audio project maps the sounds of protest around the world

– Mental Floss: Experience the stop-by-stop sounds of the London Underground

– Quartz: Listen to the sounds that make up the Indian religiosphere

– The Quietus: Protest sound archive launches

– Resonance FM: Special programme on our Prison Songs project

– Resonance FM: Five-hour special on our Protest and Politics project

– SecretLDN: Listen to the sound of the underground with this interactive Tube map

Slate.com: The deafening sound of the internet

– Smithsonian Magazine: Listen to sounds of sacred spaces around the world

– Smithsonian Magazine: This is what global dissent sounds like

– Sonic Terrain: Cities & Memory

The Guardian feature, August 2016

The Guardian feature, August 2016

– Sounding Out: SO! Amplifies: Cities & Memory

– Stray Landings: Cities and Memory – Dada 100 Years On

– Stray Landings: Sacred Spaces podcast

– Time Out: Explore the sounds of London with this audio tube map

Vice Creators Project

– Vice Motherboard: Sound of the Underground: an audio Tube map of London

– The Wire: Sound map of the London Underground network launched

– The Wire: Mapping the sounds of protest

– Wired: This is the sound of global protest, from Trump to Brexit