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The Next Station is the first ever sound map of the London Underground. As well as documenting the sounds of the London Underground, by remixing and reimagining every sound it creates an alternative sound world based on the experience and memory of the iconic Tube.

London Underground sound map


Click on a station on the map to bring up and listen to its sounds – click on the ‘information’ button while listening to a sound to read about how it was produced and the creative context and ideas behind it.

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Explore the sounds on our London sound map

Background and context

The Tube is the world’s oldest underground railway, launching in 1863, and is now one of the most recognisable features of London as a city – and one of the most distinctive soundscapes in the world.

Working alongside The London Sound Survey, we collected field recordings from 55 stations across the London Underground network over the course of three months, adding in sounds from our respective archives.

We then invited sound artists, sound designers and musicians from around the world to reimagine, remix and rework those sounds during July, with almost 100 reimagined pieces presented here.

The Next Station: full playlist of sounds

Contributing artists

Almost 100 sound designers, musicians and sound artists have contributed to the project. As well as plenty of London residents reimagining sounds familiar to them from their home city, contributors come from all around the world – from Canada and the USA to Japan and Australia via Italy, Germany, Norway and many other countries.

There is more information about them on our contributors page, but here’s a full list.

  • Nazar Ali Khan, London, UK
  • Hitoshi Asaumi, Toon, Japan
  • Balint Barath, Budapest, Hungary
  • Pietro Bardini, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Jess Beechey, London, UK
  • Andy Billington, Loughborough, UK
  • Philippe Blache, Paris, France
  • Eric Boivin, Montreal, Canada
  • AJ Born, Lubeck, Germany
  • Sofia Botero, Bogota, Colombia
  • Stuart Bowditch, Bulmer Tye, UK
  • Nigel Bryant, London, UK
  • Antonia Bustamente, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Doug Connell, Rockford, USA
  • Leanne Cunningham, London, UK
  • Morgan Davies, London, UK
  • Trixie Delight, Woking, UK
  • Rachel Devorah, Paris, France
  • Jeff Dungfelder, New York, USA
  • Chris Dunn, Melbourne, Australia
  • Ashley Elsdon, London, UK
  • Richard Fair, Norwich, UK
  • Camilla Fanning, Dublin, Ireland
  • Benjamin Finger, Oslo, Norway
  • Stuart Fowkes, Oxford, UK
  • Ron Freyenschlag, Trossingen, Germany
  • Pawel Gozdziewicz, Gydnia, Poland
  • Eden Grey, London, UK
  • Johannes Gruber, Vienna, Austria
  • Susanne Grunewald, Leicester, UK
  • Manuel Guerrero, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Seth Guy, London, UK
  • Marinna Guzy, Corvallis, USA
  • Thomas Haighton, The Hague, Netherlands
  • Ian Haygreen, Ridgwell, UK
  • Hubert Heathertoes, London, UK
  • Alex Hehir, Oxford, UK
  • Flora Henderson, Bishop’s Stortford, UK
  • Clara Hollomey, Glasgow, UK
  • Howlround, London, UK
  • Jan-Morten Iversen, Hafrsfjord, Norway
  • Heiko Jay, Zittau, Germany
  • Fergus Kelly, Dublin, Ireland
  • Fernando Laub, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Anne Lepere, Brussels, Belgium
  • Paul Lewin, Cornwall, UK
  • Guido Lusetti, Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Andy Lyon, Lincolnshire, UK
  • James Mann, San Diego, USA
  • Marco Maril, Vigo, Spain
  • Tate McNeil, Zhuhai, China
  • Gavin Morrow, Nottingham, UK
  • Leon Muraglia, Oslo, Norway
  • Isabel Nogueira, Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • Virgilio Oliveira, London, UK
  • James Olsen, west coast, USA
  • Phil Maguire, London, UK
  • Stephane Marin, Toulouse, France
  • Ben Mawson, London, UK
  • Conor McCafferty, Belfast, UK
  • Augusto Meijer, Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, Netherlands
  • Tom Miller, New York, USA
  • Peter Nagle, London, UK
  • Philippe Neau, Saint Jean Sur Erve, France
  • Jon Nicholls, Bristol, UK
  • Christoph Niggemeyer, Cologne, Germany
  • Ed Osborn, Providence, USA
  • Conor O’Toole, Cork, Ireland
  • Maria Papadomanolaki, London, UK
  • Robin Parmar, Limerick, Ireland
  • Jessica Peace, London, UK
  • Andy Rae, Brighton, UK
  • Jevan Rai, London, UK
  • Rodrigo Ramos, Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Myk Ripley, Blackpool, UK
  • Tony Shrimplin, London, UK
  • Martin Smith, London, UK
  • Rob Smith, Ramsgate, UK
  • Tom Smith, London, UK
  • Barney Spigel, London, UK
  • Nick St. George, Bath, UK
  • Tom Thompson, Ashland, USA
  • Anya Trybala, Malmo, Sweden
  • J. Simon van der Walt, Glasgow, UK
  • Iris van Geen, Ghent, Belgium
  • Robert van Riel, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Colin Ventura, Southend, UK
  • Paul Verschooten, Eppegem, Belgium
  • Jase Warner, London, UK
  • Tim Waterfield, Southampton, UK
  • Chris Williams, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Matthew Williams, Mynydd Isa, UK
  • Christina Wong, Toronto, Canada
  • Jim Wylde (sp3ct3rs), Greenfield Park, Canada
  • Yol, Hull, UK

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