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#Hamburgsounds launches today!

graphic Facebook 2The time has come, and at 12 noon GMT today, we’ll start to release the collection of #Hamburgsounds – at least one per hour, representing a different hour in the life of the city.

The sounds loosely follow my own journey around the city, from my base in St. Pauli around the Reeperbahn, exploring the city over 24 hours. You’ll hear harbour sounds, street markets, church services, late-night parties, football matches and even follow a political protest and a major police operation across the city.

The artists involved hail from ten different countries around the world. We have local Hamburg residents, but we have people from as far afield as Cape Town and Los Angeles who have taken on their own slice of Hamburg’s sonic life and turned it into something of their own. Each of them was presented with a choice from around forty field recordings, and chose the sound (or sounds) that most inspired them to do something creative in response.

Over the next 24 hours, this blog will introduce the sounds one by one, with the remixers telling us in their own words why they chose their source sound, how it inspired them and where their interpretation of the sound comes from. You’ll also be able to explore the city’s sounds directly via the Hamburg sound map, or indeed the global Cities and Memory sound map on the homepage.

You’ll be hearing sounds from the following people, living in the following places:

– Lee Barry – Chicago, USA
– Mike Bingham – Bristol, UK
– Blanca (AKA _blank) – Barcelona, Spain
– Alan Bleay – London, UK
– Nick Campbell (AKA Wages) – Los Angeles, UK
– Matt Chapman Jones (AKA After The Thought) – Oxford, UK
– Amber-Zoe Cheesman – Falmouth, UK
– Laurence Colbert – Oxford, UK
– Martin Dixon – London, UK
– Stuart Fowkes (AKA Cities and Memory) – Oxford, UK
– Emmanuel Galvan – Guadalajara, Mexico
– Christian Hagelskjaer – Aarhus, Denmark
– Martin Kristopher – Hamburg, Germany
– Peter Lloyd (AKA Kid Kin) – Oxford, UK
– La Cosa Preziosa – Dublin, Ireland
– Andy Lyon – Lincolnshire, UK
– Marco Maril (AKA Apenino) – Vigo, Spain
– Alessandro (AKA Mimetik) – Hamburg, Germany
– Leon Muraglia – Oslo, Norway
– Stanislav Nikolov – San Francisco, USA
– James Pamphlion – Abingdon, UK
– Matt Parker – Birmingham, UK
– Eric Powell – Montreal, Canada
– Random Order Collective – Germany/UK/USA
– Tristan (AKA Restive) – Cape Town, South Africa
– Aaron Rieger – Albuquerque, USA
– Lee Riley – Oxford, UK
– Dan Tapper – London, UK
– Mark Taylor – Birmingham, UK
– Colin Ventura – Southend, UK
– Jase Warner – London, UK
– Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) – Southampton, UK

Let’s get started!