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Sounds from the sacred island of Apollo

delosWe’re really happy to add our 21st country to the Cities and Memory map today, courtesy of our 52nd contributor, Lakshmi Ramgopal, based in Rome, Italy. She’s a solo musician performing under the name Lykanthea as well as a field recordist. This piece comes from the mostly-uninhabited Greek island of Delos, known as the sacred and ancient home of the Greek god Apollo.

The recordings of the waves of the Aegean Sea are neatly wrapped into her song ‘Telos’, which she presents here as the memory version of the island recording.

Lakshmi writes: “Delos, Greece is a small island to the southwest of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. Once a densely populated trade community in the second and first centuries B.C.E., the island is now home to spectacular ancient ruins and less than fifteen people. This recording comes from a small stretch of coast behind the field house of the École Française d’Athènes.”

City version:


Memory version: