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The ten best sounds of February 2015

febsoundsFebruary might be a short month, but for us it’s been packed with sounds as diverse as an exploding building, a call to prayer, the mighty bells of St. Mark’s Square and the sounds of nature from the Cradle of Humankind. Here’s our pick of the ten top sounds of the month to explore and enjoy, from as far afield as Russia, South Africa and Morocco…

1. Moscow, Russia: Moscow airport: waiting and drones

(recording by Axel Ganz, memory version by Robert van Riel)

2. Venice, Italy: A symphony for San Marco

(by Cities and Memory)

3. Meknes, Morocco: A new prayer from Morocco

(recording by Gavin Prior, memory version by Alex Hehir)

4. Milan, Italy: The hip hop nightlife of Milan

(by Cities and Memory)

5. Dallas, Texas, USA: What an imploding building sounds like

(by Rene Coronado)

6. Cork, Ireland: A sound map of Cork, Ireland

(by Gavin Prior)

7. Venice, Italy: Dreaming of the light at Palazzo Grassi

(by Cities and Memory)

8. Liverpool, England: Minimal techno from Albert Dock

(recording by Cities and Memory, memory version by Heiko Jay)

9. Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA: An evening with the crickets of Pawtucket

(by Erik Gould)

10. Nirox Farm, South Africa: Sounds from the Cradle of Humankind

(by Gary JC)