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OPEN CALL – help us remix the city of Bath!

20150322_143756Cities and Memory will be reimagining the sounds of the city of Bath for a new installation at the Bath Fringe Arts Festival, and we’re opening it up to sound artists to be a part of it.

BathSounds is an immersive, physical manifestation of a multi-contributor, participatory sound art project that invites the audience to explore the sounds of their own city, and to reimagine and see those sounds from every possible angle.

It is an audio installation unique to Bath that presents two sides of sonic memory – first, the documentary field recording of a location in Bath, and second the reimagining, or ‘memory’ version of the sound. Event attendees can navigate between two sonic ‘versions’ of Bath simultaneously on different sides of the space, with two synced broadcasts of audio on each side of the space. One side broadcasts the ‘city’ sound from a location, the other the matching ‘memory’ sound, a remix or reinterpretation of the field recording, time-synced so that the sets of sounds shift in and out of one another in unison.

Recordings for BathSounds have been collected by Cities and Memory, and we are opening up these recordings to local artists and the wider global sound art community to create reimagined sonic portraits of the city, a truly immersive, participatory sonic reconstruction of Bath.

Final reimagined sounds need to be the same length as the source field recording, and the deadline for submissions is the end of April. Spaces in the project are limited – please get in touch if you’d like to be part of it.