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Steam eruption at Castle Geyser, Yellowstone

Castle Geyser is one of the major geysers of Yellowstone Park, so named in 1870 for the cone-like deposits that have built up into the form of a castle.

A major eruption of Castle Geyser can last for more than an hour, moving from shooting hot water up to a height of 27 metes, followed by the noisy steam phase.

This recording from the National Park Service shows off the sounds of the steam phase, which occurs as an eruption is winding down.

City version:

This reimagined piece by Jimmy Peggie is called “Cries from the deep”, and he writes:

“I was inspired by the idea that the world is speaking to us directly via the geyser in Yellowstone – and about its message to mankind regarding the path of destruction we are on. For this I took the original recording and cleaned it up.

“I then looked for segments that were interesting. I ran these through various processors (both software and modular) and then chose the ones that I thought worked best for the piece.”

Memory version: