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Open call – your field recordings of obsolete sounds wanted!

Open call: your recordings of obsolete sounds wanted

Our latest global sound project is called Obsolete Sounds – and it will be the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct.

We’re looking for YOUR recordings of obsolete and disappearing sounds from all over the world to be part of the project – can you help?

Submit a recording

From buzzing modems and the whir of old VHS and cassette tapes and the bleeping of vintage video games to the changing soundscapes of our urban and natural world, the project is seeking to document the sounds we’ve already lost – and those that we’re in danger of losing.

Do you have a recording of a sound that is now obsolete or is in danger of disappearing?

Whether it’s an endangered animal species, an outmoded form of transport or technology, or something that we just can’t hear any more, we’d love to hear your recordings. The sound can be either extinct/impossible to hear any more, historical, or a sound that is in danger of disappearing from our world.

Submit a field recording to the project at the link below – we need a WAV file, title and brief description of the sound. The call for contributions will be open until 3 June.

Remixing an obsolete sound

Each of the sounds will be remixed and reimagined by artists to create a new form of listening, transforming these sounds to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes, and what we can do to preserve and save them.

We’re accepting applications from artists who would like to reimagine one of our obsolete sound recordings, submitting a composition to be part of the final project.

Applications are open to musicians and sound artists from all over the world – if you’d like to take part, just send us a quick email using the button below with the subject line “Obsolete Sounds” and we’ll add you to the early-access list to choose a sound first once the call for artists is live.

The public callout for artists will take place in early June.