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Dada Down Under: Australia

Dada sounds on the other side of the world today – Hobart, Avon Park and Melbourne, Australia. Here are three different applications of Dadaism including musique concrete, cutups and intonarumori machines.

Free Cities and Memory album – the best of 2014

Following hot on the heels of our Hamburg-based album Erinnerungen an eine Stadt, we’re pleased to offer up the first in (hopefully) a series of free downloads highlighting the very best of Cities and Memory. It’s been quite a first year for us, with 60 contributors,

The ten best sounds of August 2014

Summer’s over, guys – we’re heading into autumn. Here’s a look back at the best sounds from the end of the summer. They come from as far afield as Brisbane, San Francisco, Florence and London, and feature nine different sound artists and recordists. Explore the

Victoria Bridge – turned into house music

Our first time in a new continent this Friday, with a visit to Australia courtesy of Guadalajara-based sound artist Emmanuel Galvan. He’s taken a recording of the Victoria Bridge, right at the heart of Brisbane, and turned it into some deep electronica, best explained here