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The sound of contemporary art in Antwerp

Museums are a regular feature here on Cities and Memory – today we’re heading to Antwerp’s MHKA Museum of Modern Art. The reimagined sound plays with the resonance of the space, creating a rhythmic pattern drenched in reverb that suggests music being built from the very act of observing contemporary art.

The Hague: a streetcar journey in sound

“It was quite a straightforward recording, but the squeaking sound of the wheels on the tracks kept ringing in my ears. Something that doesn’t necessarily have to stop, if you put the interpretation on ‘repeat’.” Give it a try.

Inside the Sint Annatunnel, Antwerp

Following on from our sounds last year from Hamburg’s Old Elbtunnel, we pay a trip to another iconic underground pedestrian passage, the Sint Annatunnel in Antwerp. Its construction was finished in 1933 and it is still functional – wooden escalators take you 30m deep into the 572m long tunnel.

Royal Deluxe street theatre, Antwerp

“Grandma Giant sleeps as she travels through space, between two clouds in the Milky Way. She lives behind the great explosion billions of years ago, the Big Bang. The Giants live in this unfamiliar, immense world. Sometimes they travel to earth. Sometimes they travel to Antwerp…”