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Dance of the Dust (Toronto)

Today’s image is from an abandoned nightclub in Toronto, by Richelle Forsey: “This is a photo inside the decommissioned and semi demolished nightclub ‘Atlantis’, on Toronto, Ontario’s waterfront, on the coldest January 1rst (2018) on record. I document abandoned spaces, seeking to uncover the energy

Toronto Indy Lights: lamenting engine sounds

The roar of high-performing engines as we turn the world of sports today. Paul Virostek of Creative Field Recording sent through several recordings from the Toronto Indy Lights race practice – here we can hear a pack of cars zooming past during qualifying at turn

We are all indigenous people

We’re heading to the north of Canada today, and our northernmost protest recording from Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, for a protest around the rights of indigenous people. The recording and photographs are by George Lessard, who provided this information from the protest’s event page:

The sound of the casseroles

Today we explore the sound of the “casserole protest”, in which protesters bang pots, pans and anything that makes a noise from their home kitchen as a form of protest. Two recordings from Montreal, Canada, come from Michael Nardone – he describes the first like

The sacred sounds of Montreal, Canada

Our Canadian contributors were busy during our Sacred Spaces callout, with a diverse range of sounds coming in from the creative city of Montreal, and an equally diverse range of reinterpretations.