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Metronomics – on the Beijing metro

A trip on the Beijing metro today, courtesy of a field recording by Mark Wilden, who captured his ride on subway line 1 between Guomao and Dawanglu stations on the city’s metro system – a slice of the character of travelling around this enormous city. The

Into the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Come with us today to the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, China, in which a crowd of people are singing what sounds like a celebratory song in unison (recorded by Mark Wilden). Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield has produced a technical, musical recomposition of the

The conference of the birds

Chattering birdsong today from Beihai Park in Beijing, China, as recorded by Mark Wilden. The sound has been given a rather special treatment by Oxford-based artist Richard Watts, who writes: “The inspiration for this piece came from a work by Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar

The sound of Beijing’s Drum Tower

A striking performance today from inside the Beijing Drum Tower, one of the premier sonic attractions in China, a booming, reverb-filled temple that resounds with dozens of traditional drums – here recomposed by Simon Le Boggit: “Quantumised Beijing Drum Tower was created by isolating full

Drums in the Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven Park, Beijing, China: A mass singalong taking place in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing, captured by Mark Wilden. Long-time contributor Tim Waterfield (AKA Karhide) has given this an excellent, technical beat-driven recomposition, which he describes like this: ” The remix