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Cities & Memory

Istanbul sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Istanbul

The next stop on our tour of the world’s urban sounds takes us to where Europe and Asia meet on the Bosphorus – let’s tune in to Istanbul sounds. The call to prayer is a classic sound of the city, and David Webb recorded this

national poetry day

Sounds for National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day on 1 October, so to mark the occasion, we thought we’d bring together a few occasions on which poetry has been absolutely central to how an artist has reimagined the sounds of the world – when a poem is at the


The fairytale bells of San Rocco

We’re currently spending a little bit of time in northern Italy, recording and reimagining some of the sounds we come across in the process – today’s is from the beautiful town of Possagno. At five o’clock, the bells at Chiesa di San Rocco high up

HMM Algeciras

The world’s biggest ship comes in to dock

After completing its maiden voyage during June 2020, the world’s largest ship, the HMM Algeciras docks in Essex in the UK to unload cargo. The ship is, unbelievably, 400m long and 61m wide – which is longer than the height of London skyscraper The Shard


Lockdown dawn chorus in the city of Florence

During lockdown, we’ve all been noticing the sounds of nature that little bit more – and even in the centre of our cities, we can hear more (and different) birdsong that we could before the coronavirus pandemic. This recording is one case in point from