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Cities & Memory

Venice water taxi

Here’s a water taxi in Venice with some overheard conversation: listen to ‘Water taxi, Venice’ on Audioboo And here’s the processed version, done through hardware this time using four effects pedals: listen to ‘Venice water taxi – processed version’ on Audioboo [mappress mapid=”3″]

Auronzo di Cadore

A new set of sounds from a trip to Auronzo di Cadore in the Italian alps.             Church bells – field recording: listen to ‘Church bells, Auronzo di Cadore’ on Audioboo Church bells – processed version: listen to ‘Auronzo di

Central Oxford sound walk

Some posts now live from a sound walk in Oxford a little while ago – remixed and processed versions to come soon: Under Grandpont Bridge: children, birds, water listen to ‘Under Grandpont Bridge, 07.09.13’ on Audioboo Botley Road’s duck community listen to ‘Botley Road ducks’