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The history of Zagreb

A cannon booms out into the sky, and then the bells ring out across the city of Zagreb, Croatia, in today’s recording by Mark Wilden. This sound was recomposed with a historical bent by Andy Billington, who explains: “The original field recording is still there

Korcula Island, Croatia – a miniature for stones

“Kneže is a small and pretty hideaway for tourists who don’t like the crowds of Korčula town. I’ve been there so many times, but only this August I noticed a tiny broken plate on the very top of a boat anchorage… and it was dedicated to Pavulo Šain, a boy who drowned in 1968.”

Sounds from Korcula Island, Croatia

“Mandrač is a small boat marina of the Monastery now open for boats of near by residents. Locals and few tourists love to rest in the monastery’s shade, but it is often quiet and perfect to record the sounds of the rock barrier. Only this time the monastery kitchen was pretty active!”

World Listening Day: Croatia blowhole

An excellent field recording sent to us for World Listening Day by Tim Shaw captures the sound of a water blowhole in Croatia, rhythmically expelling large volumes of water as it spits and belches away.We approached it from the perspective of the rhythmic, almost mechanical spacing of the water pulses, and wanting to give each one its own character.

The ten best sounds of January 2015

We’re into February already, which means it’s time for our first roundup of 2015’s best sounds so far. On our wintery journey, we start in a bitterly cold Turin as the clocks strike and fireworks herald the coming of 2015, and throughout the month we’ve