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The hip hop violinist

Busking with a classical instrument, the violin, outside Bath’s famous old Abbey today – busking is in fact one of the defining sonic features of the city centre, with guitarists, singers, saxophonists and drummers all on display as well as the violinist captured here.

Tourists vs. buskers in Bath

We’re happy to have a new piece from long-standing contributor Dan Tapper as part of our Quiet Street project – as ever, he’s taken a fascinating approach to reimagining the sound using software designed for improv performance, as he explains below. He tackled Mike Bingham’s

The sounds inside a cash machine

Underneath the normal sounds of a street scene, here are the sounds from the inside of a cash machine, its whirrings and electrical sounds. I used an induction coil pickup microphone on a cash machine on South Gate Street while using it to withdraw some cash, and recorded the sounds caused by the electrical activity within.

One sound, two reimaginings

It’s fascinating to hear how two people approach the same sound from different perspectives and come up with completely different results, but also how some of the key characteristics of the sound to focus on are picked up by both artists and treated differently.

Walcot Chapel – Fanny Burney, RIP

One of the most imaginative reconstructions of a Bath sound came from local artist Nick St. George, who took a historical research perspective to the sound he heard, and came up with this fascinating piece out of a recording of Walcot Chapel and churchyard, as