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The ten best sounds of September 2014

Wow, where did September go? I’m heading to Hamburg in a few days, which will be the major focus of Cities and Memory throughout October, but before then here’s a summary of the best sounds we’ve heard on the site last month. It’s been a

Inside the Eden Project: an electronic rainforest

The Eden Project is a magnificent venue, featuring amongst many other things two giant biomes that simulate Mediterranean and rainforest climates, allowing you to see plants and animals from these climates up close. While visiting, we recorded the sound from the top of a walkway

The sound from inside a wind turbine

Today’s sound is the sound of sustainable power, as I got up close and personal with a wind turbine in Cornwall, UK. The sounds you can hear in the field recording are the small generator hut at the base of the wind turbine providing a

The crazed gulls of St Ives

The gulls in St Ives bay were going crazy (photo courtesy of Giulia). Alongside the usual raucous shouts you’d expect, they were making noises more like something from a mewling cat or a crying baby, scarcely moving as I wandered right up to them to record

Listening to the Lizard

I promised more from Cornwall, and here’s the next instalment – Lizard Point, the most southerly point in Britain. Land’s End gets more of the fame and credit, but it’s a hideous theme park by the sea, all gift shops and Brian Blessed-voiced novelty attraction.