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Gatwick Airport

The sounds of Brexit Britain

On the day that Prime Minister Theresa May announces a general election whose defining issue will be Britain’s exit from the European Union (and all that goes along with that debate), it’s a good time for the second in our series of sonic reflections on

Gatwick Airport sounds – the memory of airports

We’ve taken as a starting point a fairly simple field recording of an escalator in the arrivals section of the airport, with its repetitive clunking and mechanical whirrings. Every single sound you hear in the reimagined version is taken from the original field recording, with no additions.

Big Ben vs. Hamley’s toy store

A blend of two locations and two field recordings with very different characters and sonic properties today, as Alexander McHattie picked out two of our recordings to tackle. The first is the iconic sound of London’s Big Ben clock tower, on this occasion striking 4.00pm.

Flight BA329 to Venice is now departing

The second listen to live improvisation over field recordings today – Oxford Improvisers took on the challenge of a long, tense recording from on board a BA flight to Venice from Gatwick. It’s tense because it’s the period just before (and including) takeoff, so there’s