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British Library

#MuseumWeek – Cities and Memory’s museum highlights

This week, Museum Week is being celebrated around the world, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to assemble the highlights of our field recordings and reimagined sounds from various museums and exhibitions around the world. Here are the Cities and Memory museum highlights for

Free Cities and Memory album – the best of 2014

Following hot on the heels of our Hamburg-based album Erinnerungen an eine Stadt, we’re pleased to offer up the first in (hopefully) a series of free downloads highlighting the very best of Cities and Memory. It’s been quite a first year for us, with 60 contributors,

Shhh! It’s the sounds of the British Library

I had some time to kill in the British Library in London a few weeks ago, so once I’d taken the time to visit their excellent gift shop, I wandered around recording the sounds of students clacking away on their laptops, the buzz of visitors