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People's Vote march

Ode to a People’s Vote

Join us in the largest political protest in modern British history today (with apparently one million attendees), as we rejoin the People’s Vote march of 23 March 2019 in London. Here, a bagpipe player performs the EU anthem “Ode to Joy” while fellow protesters join

people's vote march

Sounds from the People’s Vote march, London

On Saturday 23 March, more than a million people – including Cities and Memory – marched through the streets of London to protest against the government’s handling of Britain’s exit from the European Union, and to demand a fresh vote be put to the people,

Infinite nightingale song

We begin our tour of some of the sounds of nature with this piece, broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in late November 2018 to promote the launch of the Sounding Nature project. The original sound is nightingale song recorded by Phil Riddett in

Tealham moor

Dreaming of the moor

Today’s photograph depicts pollarded willows stand in the flooded land at Tealham Moor, in Somerset, UK, taken by Frances Annear, who writes: “Pollarding is an ancient custom to provide fodder for animals or fire wood. The moors around Wedmore had willow trees planted to mark

The sound of gratitude, Oxford

Our Sound Photography project has now launched and is available to explore in full, so we’ll profile selected photographs and sound pieces on the site over the coming weeks. If you’ll permit the indulgence, we’re beginning with a photograph and image pair created by Cities