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Science Museum, London: the potential of broadcast

We paid a visit to London’s Science Museum in search of sounds – and we found them in its Broadcast Zone – an interactive gallery charting the beginnings of global broadcast. In this field recording you can hear snippets of early radio, Morse code and

Big Ben – the “final” chimes

Big news for the sounds of London today, as the iconic chimes of its most famous bell, Big Ben, fell silent for four years for repairs and restoration. “Big Ben” is the more common name for what is officially called The Great Bell, which was

Those forgotten in Syria

Now that the Protest and Politics project has launched, we’d like to take the time over a series of posts to let some of the individual highlights from the project shine through, and allow artists the time to explain how they went about reimagining the

The sounds of Brexit Britain

On the day that Prime Minister Theresa May announces a general election whose defining issue will be Britain’s exit from the European Union (and all that goes along with that debate), it’s a good time for the second in our series of sonic reflections on