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Elgar's organ, Pendock

Elgar’s organ

Let’s take a trip to a 12th-century church, standing alone in a field in England, and containing an organ once played by the composer Edward Elgar.

New College Chapel, Oxford

The sacred sounds of Oxford

Where better to start on our global tour of the world’s sacred spaces than right here in Oxford, the home of Cities and Memory? We’ve captured some beautiful recordings here in our home city – so let’s take a listen.

Industrial metalwork beats

Today we’re exploring molten hot metal, in the form of a field recording from the metalworks at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London – transformed into a percussive beatscape.

Rough Trade: Inside London’s most famous record shop

Today we visit Rough Trade East, perhaps London’s most famous record shop, to listen in to some of the conversations their customers have while shopping for vinyl. Our in-store field recording, capturing a conversation between music enthusiasts, was reimagined via ambient, techno and cassette machines.