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airport sounds

The sound of airports – the space between spaces

Airports are surely the ultimate liminal space, linking worlds together through a place that is neither one nor the other – at the same time, every airport feels the same, but also has its own quirks and similarities. Today’s highlights from the Until We Travel

New album release: Berlin Ringbahn

We’re very happy to release a guest album today! Long-time Cities and Memory contributor Martin Kristopher, AKA 3dtorus, has put together a reimagined version of an entire journey around Berlin’s iconic Ringbahn.

Athens meets Berlin in one moment

“The idea was for the two participants who live in different cities in Europe (Athens-Berlin) to find a location for the recording and to start it at the exact given time, simultaneously (2300 for Athens and 2200 for Berlin). Then the two source materials were used to create the remix.”

Finding a safe place in the Berliner Dom

“For me, a drone is a “safe part” of a piece. I use drones in my music as a foundational element: they’re the glue hold my tracks together. The drone in this piece is both the safe part and the anchor that creates a world out of and around the original recording.”