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haus des glockenspiels

Haus des Glockenspiels – reimagined via Tripadvisor

Why are we increasingly having the same mediated tourism experiences, wherever we go in the world – and are review sites like Tripadvisor to blame? Bremen, Germany – on the hour in a beautiful backstreet of the old city, the Haus des Glockenspiels offers a

Can you help us reimagine Bremen – take part now

Can YOU help us reimagine a famous tourist attraction in Bremen, Germany? For our reimagined version of the amazing Glockenspiel House, we’re focusing on its status as a major tourist attraction, and looking at how online reviews are shaping our memory and experience of cities.

The chimes of St. Petris Dom, Bremen

Today we’re in Bremen, Germany, with one of the recordings made during our recent visit to present at the REM Festival. Here we’re in the picturesque Altstadt – the chimes of St. Petris Dom in Bremen ring out for 11 o’clock, while an accordion busker

Bremen Rathaus

No walls around Europe!

Bremen, Germany, and a protest against racism and strict EU/Germany migration laws. Recordist Pedro Oliveira, who captured the sounds, tells us that “protesters are chanting “Um Europa keine Mauern – Bleiberecht für alle und auf Dauer!” (“No walls around Europe – Permanent right to stay

Endless moments in a Bremen backyard

“It’s the soundscape I hear every day when I’m working in the studio, cooking, eating, sleeping, cheering, worrying, put shortly it’s the soundtrack for most of my life at the moment (if you subtract the music I produce and listen to…). So when my new recorder arrived, I had both a plan and an idea of what to do with it.”