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6.00 pm: Harbour horror on the Landungsbruecken

Tourist boats leaving the Landungsbruecken are like yellow taxi cabs in New York City or planes landing at Heathrow – a non-stop procession of chugging motors and swirling wash. The Landungsbruecken are one of Hamburg’s most iconic sites – fully 700 metres of floating dock,

5.30 pm: This is what anti-ISIS techno sounds like

This is the one sound that kept following me around seemingly wherever I went. After a long walk through Altona on a rainy afternoon, with nothing but nondescript general street sounds to be heard, I stumbled across a political protest against the ISIS terrorist group:

4.30 pm: The national hymn of the Willkomm Hoeft

Our final sound in an hour spent at the Willkomm Hoeft before driving back into Hamburg is a cracker – a full rendition of the German national anthem as a local ship (the Kuala Lumpur Express – all 93,811 tonnes of her) returns home. The

4.00 pm: Dreaming on the banks of the Elbe

Next up at the Wilkomm Hoeft is the sound of a recording of the waves breaking gently on the rocks close to the quay, interrupted by a musical greeting for a passing ship. This was taken on by long-time C&M contributor Jase Warner, who’s created