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3.30 pm: Welcome to the Willkomm Hoeft

The Willkomm Hoeft is surely unique to Hamburg, and such a fascinating sonic location that I took a special car trip out just to record there, even though it’s a long way from the city, as you can see. Here’s the deal: every ship that

3.00 pm: Inside the engine of an ice-breaking ship

Hamburg has quite a few museum ships, from the old to the modern, from sailing ships to submarines. The Stettin is an old ice-breaking ship on display at the Museumshafen, which allows you to explore the ship right down to its engine room, which was

2.30 pm: The organ grinder of Jungfernstieg

Jungfernstieg is one of the main boulevards in Hamburg, a place full of shops and a place for people to meet – in fact, its name comes from the fact that young people used to meet there (and in fact still do). Sonically, however, it’s

2.00 pm: Gull fight in the skies over Rathausmarkt

Our first stop once the rain has cleared up (temporarily – this is Hamburg, after all!) is the Rathausmarkt, home of the town hall, one of Hamburg’s most distinctive and famous buildings. The Rathaus itself doesn’t sound very interesting, other than the change in sonic

1.30 pm: Rain and bridges – Hamburg cliches

At last we emerge from the public transport system into a typically rainy afternoon in Hamburg. When I was polling people about what sounds you’d expect to hear in the city, ‘rain’ was somewhere at the top of the list along with ‘ships’, so it’s