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Islamic State, Donald Trump and terror on the Reeperbahn

“Stop dem ISIS! Stop dem Terror!”, go the chants. I’d been inadvertently following a protest against Islamic State (ISIS) across the city of Hamburg on a field recording trip, starting at the railway station in Altona, and ending with a major police operation in Steintorplatz

Allez forza St. Pauli – football reimagined

We’ve featured quite a few sounds from the tribal atmospheres of football matches in the past, as we’ve toured round the grounds – previously, Arsenal, Burton Albion and Port Vale have all been under the microscope. Today we visit the passionate cauldron of football, the Millerntor Stadion

New album release: Berlin Ringbahn

We’re very happy to release a guest album today! Long-time Cities and Memory contributor Martin Kristopher, AKA 3dtorus, has put together a reimagined version of an entire journey around Berlin’s iconic Ringbahn.

World Listening Day: Olbersdorfer beats

World Listening Day might now be in the past for another year, but our reimagined water sounds keep coming in, with this entry from regular contributor Heiko Jay, a dancefloor-friendly beat-led composition constructed from the sounds of a local stream.