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Friedrich-Electro Strasse

“As I started working on recording of the sounds of the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse, I was think about distorting the piece and only use samples from it. The card made me keep the recording and leave it underneath the whole time. So I didn’t change the words, but added something.”

Zittau, Germany: oblique ducks and strategic dogs

A home recording from regular contributor Heiko Jay, who sent us a night recording from his home town of Zittau, Germany – dogs barking and duck sounds can clearly be heard. He applied the Oblique Strategy cards Take away the important parts and Only a

Athens meets Berlin in one moment

“The idea was for the two participants who live in different cities in Europe (Athens-Berlin) to find a location for the recording and to start it at the exact given time, simultaneously (2300 for Athens and 2200 for Berlin). Then the two source materials were used to create the remix.”

Endless moments in a Bremen backyard

“It’s the soundscape I hear every day when I’m working in the studio, cooking, eating, sleeping, cheering, worrying, put shortly it’s the soundtrack for most of my life at the moment (if you subtract the music I produce and listen to…). So when my new recorder arrived, I had both a plan and an idea of what to do with it.”

Finding a safe place in the Berliner Dom

“For me, a drone is a “safe part” of a piece. I use drones in my music as a foundational element: they’re the glue hold my tracks together. The drone in this piece is both the safe part and the anchor that creates a world out of and around the original recording.”