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12 midnight – peace on the banks of the Alster

The second sound and remix produced by me as Cities and Memory, this comes from a personal moment I experienced sitting on the banks of the Alster lake late at night. Ostensibly, it’s an incredibly peaceful scene: the twinkling lights of the city across the

11.00 pm – A house track made from busking and football

Eleven o’clock and we head out to the lively, studenty area of Sternschanze, always bustling with life. Leaving the station, we come across a busker playing bass guitar through an amp, and wandering up the road there’s a late-night game of football going on, echoing

9.30 pm – Station to Station

The main station is always good value – anywhere with that volume of people travelling in and out of the city is a worthwhile destination for field recording, if you can safely avoid the well-worn tracks of cliche around them. We paid a visit as