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The top ten sound maps

There are hundreds of sound maps out there, from hyper-local to vast and global. Here are our top ten, along with what we think makes them special, unique and worth your listening time.

Seven things I learned while sound mapping a city

To gather the source material for Quiet Street, a crack team of Cities and Memory field recordists descended on Bath on a Sunday for a one-day recording session, aiming to cover as much of the central part of the city as possible, find and record something of the city’s sonic character, and gather enough interesting material to produce a workable sound map. Here are a few of the things I learned in the process of trying to sound map a city in one day.

How to reimagine a sound in ten easy steps

One of the most frequently-asked questions we get from musicians, artists and curious visitors approaching Cities and Memory for the first time is ‘how do I go about reimagining a sound?’ or ‘what does remixing a field recording actually mean?’. It’s a perfectly valid question,

The essential field recording books

The best field recording books This is a short list of some of the books that have helped to shape and inform Cities and Memory, from how we think about field recording and documenting our sonic environment, to how we go about mapping and presenting

The top five places for field recording

I’ve been collecting field recordings on and off for about ten years now, and doing it in a much more systematic and intensive way over the last year since Cities and Memory launched, and I was reflecting on which locations, over the past year, have