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12 noon: All aboard the flight back to London

And so at last we come to the final stop on our journey, and where could be more appropriate than the flight back to London? Here we find ourselves on board BA flight 0967 from Hamburg airport, already delayed by two hours due to high

11.30am – Trans-Hamburg Express

So at last, after covering as much of the city and its amazing sounds as we could, it’s time to head home, which means one last S-bahn journey up to the airport – a one-way ticket, direct shot from the heart of Hamburg to its

11.00 am – Hamburg’s gardens of dub

Having cleansed our minds with an hour inside the city’s inspiring landmark, we head to Hamburg’s central park, Planten Und Blomen, for our final stop in a long 24-hour city tour! It’s a beautiful, peaceful space with water features, wildlife (you can hear the birds

10.00 am – the mighty organ of Der Michel

From the wonderfully ridiculous to the patently sublime, as we head to the Hamburg landmark of St. Michaelis church, or ‘Der Michel’ as they call it here. There’s a daily free service here, and to our faint surprise the church is packed for this one