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7.00 am – an early morning Hamburg bus ride

We’ve already travelled halfway across Hamburg with you on the S-bahn and the U-bahn, so now it’s time to take a trip on one of the city’s many hundreds of huge, timely and efficient buses that purr along quietly through its streets. Hamburg’s taking great

6.30 am – The city is not always in perfect health

Roadworks can sound pretty much the same anywhere, but there was something captivating about these. Firstly, the use of machines was minimal – this was hard manual labour, and sounded like it. Secondly, the avenue where they took place was wide, and surrounded by tall,

6.00 am – an early-morning food market

Leaving behind St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn, we strike out early for the morning’s activity – we have a lot of ground to cover! The first stop is the food market at Grossneumarkt, just a few minutes away from the huge St. Michaelis church, which

5.00 am – Inside a sex shop on the Reeperbahn

Our stay in the Reeperbahn district as a sonic tourist would unfortunately not be complete without a quick stop inside one of its many sex shops – our intrigue as to whether they might make interesting sonic environments led us into one late into the

4.00 am – Grosse Freiheit and the Beatles

Grosse Freiheit is perhaps the most celebrated – or infamous – of the streets in the Reeperbahn area. It’s a straight run of bars, nightclubs and less salubrious establishments, also well known as one of the places the Beatles first made their name in the