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Retracing your ancestors’ footsteps through sound

“My family came from Ireland in the late nineteenth century. I was struck by the awe and majesty of the Irish countryside. Near my aunt’s cottage I could see the iconic rolling hills, abandoned castle ruins and the stark limestone landscapes that look like the surface of an alien planet.”

St. Patrick’s Park – an oral reproduction

“I recorded a single track, listening to the original, commenting on what I heard. After that, I didn’t listen to the original again, but built everything on top of the commentary (and looking at the waveform of the original. I tried voice-acting some of the atmosphere, added more comments (some of which were inspired by reviews of St Patrick’s Park found online) and thought a lot of early Frank Zappa montages while doing it. “

A sound map of Cork, Ireland

Every so often here at Cities and Memory, we’re contacted by someone whose existing sound work fits closely with our ambition to remix the world one sound at a time, and we’re pleased to be able to bring their project on board as part of