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A fleeting memory in Florence

Next stop on our tour of the Three Words project is Florence, Italy, with this recording of the Piazza della Repubblica by Valerio Orlandini: “The city centre is full of things to see (and to listen to) packed in a small space, and it is

Pianos and crickets in Florence

“I began by trying to build up the resonance behind the crickets with short harmonized piano scales, in an attempt to create ‘ghost echoes’, but later added more structure to the piece with piano and organ melodies and programmed drums, all the while keeping the original looped scales in the mix.”

The ten best sounds of August 2014

Summer’s over, guys – we’re heading into autumn. Here’s a look back at the best sounds from the end of the summer. They come from as far afield as Brisbane, San Francisco, Florence and London, and feature nine different sound artists and recordists. Explore the

A digital take on the bells of Florence

A field recording taken by me on New Year’s Eve last year in Florence, while climbing the Campanile di Giotto, the famous bell tower. While I was halfway up the tower, its mighty bells chimed, blasting our ears and practically shaking the walls of the