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Bassano del Grappa: creating an imaginary scene

Today’s sound comes from the Veneto town of Bassano del Grappa, which sits at the foot of Monte Grappa and is the home of the eponymous Italian alcoholic drink, among other things. Bassano has a special significance to me, as it’s been somewhere I’ve visited

A digital take on the bells of Florence

A field recording taken by me on New Year’s Eve last year in Florence, while climbing the Campanile di Giotto, the famous bell tower. While I was halfway up the tower, its mighty bells chimed, blasting our ears and practically shaking the walls of the

A memory of the Venice Biennale

The Biennale is one of the events most readily associated with Venice (along with carnival), and it has its own unique sounds, as recorded here by regular contributor Jase Warner. This is a boat song performed on the water at the Arsenale to mark the

An improvised water taxi in Murano, Italy

The vaporetto (water taxi) is one of the most recognisable sounds in Venice – the thrum of its engines and the chatter of passengers is the lovely equivalent of the constant drone of traffic noise in so many other cities around the world. A recording

Cities & Memory on two albums for World Listening Day

Friday marked World Listening Day, a global celebration of field recording and listening to the world. We’re very happy to say that two separate Cities and Memory contributions are on two different albums marking how we listen to the world. Our recording from the British