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venice bridge of sighs

Two sides of life in Venice

Today’s sounds highlight two distinct sides of the sonic life of Venice – the better-known world of heavy tourism, and the daily life of Venetian citizens far away from Piazza San Marco or the Rialto Bridge. Visiting Venice on a normal weekday in September 2020,

sounds from murano, Venice

Adventures in Murano, Venice

Two absolutely beautiful pieces for you today from the island of Murano in Venice (and you can hear more of our sounds from Venice here). Murano is world-famous for its glass-making master craftsmen, a centuries-old tradition of hand-blown and hand-shaped glass passed down through generations.

Pellestrina, Venice

While Pellestrina dreams

Pellestrina is an idyllic, unspoilt little island in the south of the Venetian lagoon, much less frequented by tourists than the likes of Lido or Murano. Here we’re sitting on harbour side of this unusually long, thin island, enjoying an unspoilt and peaceful view that’s


The mechanical lagoon, Torcello, Venice

Following on from our recent post about why Venice is the best city for field recording, here’s our latest sound from the city. We ventured out to its furthest island, Torcello, to explore a more rural and peaceful side to Venice – upon our return,

Venice field recording

Why Venice is the best city for field recording

We’ve been pondering the unanswerable question lately – “what’s the best place in the world for field recording?” Of course, it depends on so many things – not least personal subjective opinion – but we’re always fascinated to hear about people’s favourite sounds, and favourite