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Venice field recording

Why Venice is the best city for field recording

We’ve been pondering the unanswerable question lately – “what’s the best place in the world for field recording?” Of course, it depends on so many things – not least personal subjective opinion – but we’re always fascinated to hear about people’s favourite sounds, and favourite

No Grandi Navi

Venice says: “no big ships”

Bells ring out in the evening at San Trovaso in Venice, on Christmas Eve, on an unusually quiet evening in the city – you can hear the calm in the night sky as the bells ring out. There are lots of different bells sounds on

Venice bells

Venice bells on Christmas Eve

This is perhaps my favourite field recording of 2017 – the bells of Venice ringing out spectacularly over the rooftops on Christmas Eve. Christmas in Venice is always a special time – the city is simultaneously much quieter than usual as the tourists have mostly

Sounds from the Ponte dell’Accademia, Venice

Trying to restore some sense of normality after the horrible result of the EU referendum here in the UK, I took my laptop down to the river and, as I often do in times of disturbance, returned to the sounds of Venice to rebalance and comfort myself.

Dada in Italia – Venice and Sardinia

Our next stop on our Dada tour of the world is in Italy, where we hear three sounds from Venice and one from Sardinia, with treatments including the insertion of dead languages and Hugo Balls’ sound poetry.