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The sounds of Venice’s Acqua Alta bookshop

A visit today to one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world – Acqua Alta in Venice, which has entire gondolas full of books inside, and opens out directly onto the canals of Venice. Thus, inside the bookshop – as well as the sounds

A symphony for San Marco, Venice

A special treat today – this is one of my favourite field recordings from recent months, a real hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-the-neck moment. In the world-famous, incredibly busy St. Mark’s Square in Venice (Piazza San Marco), the typical sounds of cafe bands, crowds and chatter are interrupted by

Sound map of Venice from the year 1500

We’ve created an interactive sound map of Venice dating back to the year 1500, by overlaying our reimagined sounds of the Serenissima Repubblica onto Jacopo de Barbari’s iconic map of the city from above (currently housed at the British Museum). Explore this amazing map while

The ten best sounds of January 2015

We’re into February already, which means it’s time for our first roundup of 2015’s best sounds so far. On our wintery journey, we start in a bitterly cold Turin as the clocks strike and fireworks herald the coming of 2015, and throughout the month we’ve

Dreaming of the light at Palazzo Grassi

Back to our spiritual home of Venice, and the wonderful 2014 exhibition ‘L’illusion della luce’ at Palazzo Grassi next to the Grand Canal. The exhibition explored light in various forms, but featured an unusually high level of sonic interest in amongst its exhibits. The first