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The top five places for field recording

I’ve been collecting field recordings on and off for about ten years now, and doing it in a much more systematic and intensive way over the last year since Cities and Memory launched, and I was reflecting on which locations, over the past year, have

The ten best sounds of September 2014

Wow, where did September go? I’m heading to Hamburg in a few days, which will be the major focus of Cities and Memory throughout October, but before then here’s a summary of the best sounds we’ve heard on the site last month. It’s been a

The sounds of the Grand Canal, Venice

I recently travelled to Italy to do some recording and came back with a barrel full of samples from Venice and Milan – if anyone would like to remix some Italian sounds, please drop me a line. Here’s the first in a series of remixes

Venice sound map

A collection of our sounds from Venice, the spiritual home of Cities and Memory, collected onto an ongoing city sound map.

A memory of the Venice Biennale

The Biennale is one of the events most readily associated with Venice (along with carnival), and it has its own unique sounds, as recorded here by regular contributor Jase Warner. This is a boat song performed on the water at the Arsenale to mark the