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tokyo sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Tokyo

Having launched our Future Cities project to map how the sounds of our cities are changing, we’re heading off on a tour of the world to listen in to some of its most fascinating urban spaces. What better place to start than the ultra-modern metropolis

geiko kyoto

A rare chance to hear a geiko performance

A rare treat for you today, with the opportunity to listen in to an authentic geiko performance from Kyoto, Japan, as recorded by Giulia Biasibetti. “As a Westerner, it is rare to see a performance by authentic Kyoto Geiko as only a few groups remain

The gods of Yakushima, Japan

Another trip to Japan today, with a field recording from the extraordinary ancient forests of Yakushima, Japan – a World Heritage site. This was recorded and reimagined by Andy Gillham, who writes: “The field recording features bird calls and nature recorded on a walk deep

Inside the world of Geiko, Kyoto

A real treat for lovers of unusual sounds today – a rare chance to listen to the sounds of a traditional geiko performance from Kyoto, Japan, courtesy of a field recording by Giulia Biasibetti. “It’s not easy to experience truly traditional geisha entertainment in Japan

Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo

“I kept listening to the recording every chance I got, and particularly before I went to bed, hoping it would inspire something in my dreams. The tuna auction itself is melodic to begin with so I didn’t want to detract too much from that. The two cards inspired me, then, to create a remix that perhaps is reminiscent of, in the loosest sense, an a cappella piece.”