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There’s no rainstorm like a Sicilian rainstorm

Today’s sound is a beautiful field recording submitted by Fabio R. Lattuca, who’s part of the Vacua Moenia collective – a sonic study of abandoned Sicilian spaces (take a look over here). He sent in a lovely recording of a crashing rainstorm in Palermo for

Wherever you are, there’s a sound worth hearing

 Some field recording trips are just destined to go better than others. There I was, all set for a day of recording in and around the south coast before visiting a friend in Southampton – recorder packed, tank full of petrol and some new tunes

Euston, we have a problem…

Today’s journey into sound takes us underground, into Euston Underground station in London, to be exact. The first clip is what you’d expect to hear in any tube station at peak time – the departure of one train very swfitly followed by the arrival of

The Verona Arena, as you’ve never heard it before

Today’s sounds are from beautiful Verona, Italy – inside the Roman amphitheatre that is the Arena. Former home to all sorts of gladiatorial action, the Arena still stages everything from opera to stadium rock now and is amazingly well-preserved. On a quiet, wet January day,