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Inside the lighthouse

Here are two sounds from a visit to Flat Holm Island with Listing Ships in October 2013. We were fortunate enough to be able to enter the lighthouse, since it was being serviced (it’s usually out of bounds and only accessible by visiting Trinity House staff)

Venice water taxi

Here’s a water taxi in Venice with some overheard conversation: listen to ‘Water taxi, Venice’ on Audioboo And here’s the processed version, done through hardware this time using four effects pedals: listen to ‘Venice water taxi – processed version’ on Audioboo [mappress mapid=”3″]

Auronzo di Cadore

A new set of sounds from a trip to Auronzo di Cadore in the Italian alps.             Church bells – field recording: listen to ‘Church bells, Auronzo di Cadore’ on Audioboo Church bells – processed version: listen to ‘Auronzo di

Central Oxford sound walk

Some posts now live from a sound walk in Oxford a little while ago – remixed and processed versions to come soon: Under Grandpont Bridge: children, birds, water listen to ‘Under Grandpont Bridge, 07.09.13’ on Audioboo Botley Road’s duck community listen to ‘Botley Road ducks’

What is Cities and Memory?

Here’s an attempted introduction into what’s going on here! The project stems from a longstanding fascination with sound, and specifically field recording and sampling, that goes back over ten years for me. I’ve been using field recordings in a musical context for a long time