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Synthesiser in a country churchyard

The idyllic sounds of morning life in a small village in rural Yorkshire, England. It’s 10am on a Sunday morning in Dent, and we’re sitting in a churchyard, overlooking the fields from a hill. We’re surrounded in the trees and bushes by all kinds of


Hauntology in Haiti

Haiti becomes the 104th country and territory to be reflected on our global sound map with this recording from a rural spot near Fontaine in Haiti by Connor Orrico, featuring children playing, mobile music, breakfast and the sound of a water pump. City version: What

until we travel

Open call – help us reimagine the sounds of travel

We’re delighted to say that our latest global collaborative sound project is now open for submissions – here’s how you can get involved! Until We Travel will be the biggest ever showcase of the sounds of travel from all over the world. Almost a year has


A traditional Saudi Arabian welcome

On a trip to Saudi Arabia, we visited the KAUST university complex, about 90 minutes north of Jeddah. As part of the evening’s entertainment, we were greeted by an hour or so of traditional Saudi music, driven principally by multiple drummers and two interacting singers

travel sounds

Open call – we need your travel sounds!

Almost a year has passed since the first global Covid-19 lockdowns, and the world of travel changed completely for us all. That’s why our latest global project, Until We Travel, aims to showcase the sounds of travel both as a record of how much the sounds