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Bat sounds in the temple, Myanmar

An unusual field recording for you today – bat sounds recorded by Tenali Hrenak in the Dhammayan Gyi Buddhist temple in Bagan, Myanmar. City version: Pascal Savy has taken a deep dive into the location in which the bat sounds were heard to produce a

Chanting and children in Nyaung-U, Myanmar

We’re back in Myanmar today, courtesy of Tenali Hrenak’s excellent selection of field recordings from the country – today we can hear children playing and the sounds of chanting in Nyaung-U, transformed into a haunting new piece by Manja Ristic. City version: Manja Ristic writes

Callout: help us reimagine the sounds of Myanmar

Following on from our recent call to reimagine the sounds of South America, we’ve been sent a beautiful collection of field recordings from Myanmar (Burma) by contributor Tenali Hrenak. The recordings cover everything from calls to prayer and temples to traditional games and musical instruments, street

The sacred sounds of Myanmar

Stephane Marin sent us a series of beautiful binaural recordings from his travels in Myanmar, which unsurprisingly proved popular among artists keen to explore their sonic potential. Here are four pieces from the country.