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Lost in Amsterdam Centraal

Today we’re deep inside Amsterdam’s cavernous Centraal train station, serving destinations all over Europe. The station opened in 1889, designed by Pierre Cuypers, who also designed the Rijksmuseum.

Subharmonic Amsterdam ferry

Today we’re taking a trip on the Amsterdam ferry – this short trip only lasts for two or three minutes, and crosses the River IJ in Amsterdam from the Centraal station to the Noord district, constantly shuttling back and forth. Here you can hear the entire journey, from the alarm signalling the automatic door closing to the engines slowing at the other side of the river.

Dutch Dada sounds

Our Dada sounds go to Amsterdam today, with reimagined sounds from Schiphol airport and from the Westerkerk church.

Arpeggiating Amsterdam’s roads

One of the first things you notice when visiting a new city in terms of sound are actually the most mundane – the way announcements in the airport sound, the sounds of the public transport system or in this case the sounds of a pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossings in Amsterdam click out a dolphin-like rhythm, constant for a while, then slowing as the signal comes back to red.